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Our History

Our History

Opened in 1900 by Tom Simpson, the Hotel Metropole was originally named the Great Northern Hotel. The Great Northern Hotel was made of timber and was constructed back from the main street. Between 1901 and 1912 there were approximately six different licensees and proprietors. Under the proprietorship of Chas Hearn, the old hotel was demolished c.1929- early 1930s by the Mazlin Brothers, and a new brick hotel was opened in 1935. The reconstruction of the hotel in the early 1930s was contemporaneous with Proserpine Mill’s return to grower ownership. Although specific construction details of the new building, architects and builders are not known, the new hotel comprised ample accommodation facilities in the upstairs section. Although the mill had some onsite accommodation for seasonal workers, it was also common for single male workers to stay at hotels.

In June 1938, the licensee, Jim McDougall Junior applied for a name change and the hotel became known as the Hotel Metropole. According to the Proserpine Historical Museum, the hotel extended its patronage during the 1940s and was used by local school teachers. Tom Hill and the Olivetta family took over the hotel in 1973. In 1987 they bought Field’s Tractor Sales, the site of the former Proserpine Motors which is adjacent to the hotel, in Chapman Street and converted the building to a Liquor Barn. In October 1999, Hill sold his share to the Olivetta family. In the same year, the hotel was extensively refurbished. In November 2005, the Olivetta family sold the hotel to the Carter and Mills family. They purchased the Hadlow building next door on Main Street in 2006. The Hadlow building had previously been a cafe and hairdressers, and the upstairs had been used as a residence, dressmakers and as solicitor rooms. After extensive refurbishments, it reopened as a function room upstairs in 2010. In 2021, Waymark Hotels, a privately-owned Australian hotel and property group, acquired Hotel Metropole. Waymark’s corporate heritage has been built over a period of more than 60 years, originating in the Northern Territory and Queensland outbacks. Waymark Hotels has been leading projects that have brought vital infrastructure and amenities to communities since the 1950’s.