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Top 10 Must Do’s While Visiting Proserpine

Top 10 Must Do's While Visiting Proserpine
on 04 March 2022 in Travel & Lifestyle

Experience the top 10 attractions in Proserpine you won’t want to miss when venturing in this part of Queensland.

A quick 20 minute drive inland from Airlie Beach is where you’ll find the charming town of Proserpine. Renowned for being the Heart of Country Hospitality, there’s no better place to experience true Aussie culture while being a stone’s throw away from the remarkable Great Barrier Reef.

Proserpine holds dear an old fashion courtesy of well preserved Art Deco shop architecture in remembrance of what life once was. With local shops that resemble the country life, country-style hotels such as the infamous Hotel Metropole, and unique sights and experiences, there are plenty of attractions that will keep you busy in Proserpine.

1. Cedar Creek Falls

If you’re looking for natural beauty and peaceful tranquility, Cedar Creek Falls is the place to be. A well-kept local secret, you’ll find the falls tucked away behind rocks and trees when walking through the pathway.

Cedar Creek Falls is surrounded by cedar trees, rocky walls, a cascading waterfall and sparkling water beneath it. As a nature waterhole that features beautiful atmosphere and temperatures all year round, the ambiance is magnificent no matter sunshine or downpour. Beyond the serenity of the waterfall, you’ll also find wildlife including birds, butterflies and other flora and fauna frequenting the area. 

Let your hair down, have a dip under the cool waterfall, immerse yourself in nature and rest your mind with ease. Don’t miss out on an experience at Cedar Creek Falls.

2. Historical Proserpine Museum

Learn about the intriguing history of the Proserpine sugar cane and cattle town at the Historical Proserpine Museum. Established as a multi-purpose venue that houses museum collections while offering extensive local historical research and genealogy to take place, the Historical Proserpine Museum has ample information that will leave its visitors enlightened with humble knowledge.

Prepare yourself for historically thought provoking and immersive displays that showcase significant achievements of the town and region. 

3. Peter Faust Dam

If there’s one place for big barramundi, the likes you haven’t seen before, you’ll find your catch at Lake Proserpine, also known as Peter Faust Dam. A short 30 minute drive from Proserpine, the lake is renowned for camping, water sports, and freshwater fishing.

With prize catches of barramundi being more than a metre longer than other Australian impoundments, Peter Faust Dam is famous in the fishing world. It’s an absolute seafood heaven with plenty of Redclaw crayfish waiting to be caught so bring your crab pots along.

4. Crocodile Safari

Crocodiles have made their mark in North Queensland, which is why you should take on this opportunity by going on a crocodile safari and sharing a close up encounter with these magnificent beasts. 

Jump on a Proserpine River cruise in an open air wagon that marvels among Australia’s unique wildlife while enjoying traditional Australian bush tucker damper and billy tea. The Whitsunday Crocodile Safari includes an Aussie barbecue lunch midday and can be viewed here.

5. Whitsunday Gold Coffee Plantation

Coffee lovers simply cannot miss an exploration at the Whitsunday Gold Coffee Plantation, especially given how some patrons boast the coffee being the best locally grown and roasted coffee in the nation. With 140,000 Arabica coffee trees nestled on a rich fertile valley, this award winning coffee is one you will enjoy. 

The Whitsunday Gold Coffee Plantation is only a minute north of Proserpine and hosts a licensed restaurant, a kids play area, and a self-guided menagerie experience. 

6. Proserpine Water Park

If you’re looking for a way to cool off, or have some kids that want to get wet while burning some energy, head to the Proserpine Water Park. An absolute gem which offers free entry, amenities and clean, tidy with friendly staff that help maintain the premises up to spec. The water park is covered with shade sails that help protect you from the heat and is surrounded by beautiful landscapes grounds that will help you to relax.

The water park is open daily from 8am to 6pm, but on public holidays opening hours are from 12pm to 4pm (closed on Good Friday and Christmas Day). The water park is also closed every Tuesday from 8am to 12pm for scheduled maintenance. 

7. Feast at the Hotel Metropole

Specialising in sensational meals that bring the best out of the country’s local produce, the Hotel Metropole is renowned locally for good reason. 

It’s the place to go if you’re looking for a decent feed that’s great value for money while arguably being some of the most delicious meals you’ve enjoyed in Australia. With premium meats grilled and smoked to perfection, patrons have been pleasantly surprised at the quality of meals being served in this humble restaurant.

Featuring classic Aussie meals with a twist of culinary award winning experience, you won’t want to miss your chance to taste some of Proserpine’s best foods. With fresh, cold beers on tap, the Hotel Metropole is the place to be for a meet, a beer, or a bite.

8. St Paul’s Anglican Church

If you’re one to adore fascinating architecture, head to the heritage listed St Paul’s Anglican Church on 8 Main Street, Proserpine. Designed by Eddie Oribin and built by Les Tinsley & Co. in 1959, the intrigued rounded A-frame building is hard to miss.

9. Colour me Crazy

Looking for a unique gift that displays the quirkiest best of the countryside? Then head to Colour me Crazy.

A unique, quaint shop that offers a wide range of your not so typical garden, kitchen, bedroom, and home decor, you’ll find some hidden gems that you never knew you’ve always wanted. Some offbeat fashion pieces include clothes, handbags and jewellery that will have people adoring and asking you where you got it from.

10. Proserpine Visitor Information Centre

If you’re scratching your head uncertain of where to head to in Proserpine, then the Proserpine Visitor Information Centre is the place to go. 

Featuring an extensive range of local knowledge and tourist information that will suit just about every traveller and adventurer, all you have to do is tell the helpful staff what you’re looking for based on the type of activities that interest you and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction for some Proserpine fun. 

Grab a coffee, explore your options, and get to know the locality better at the visitor centre.